Increased operational efficiency

DMS-integrated workshop interface and services to improve the mechanics’ and the customer service team’s operational efficiency

Improved customer satisfaction

Online services, extended service hours with up to 24/7 service availability, flexible payment options and live chat support

Customisable customer interface

With the user interface being customisable the system seamlessly fits into the workshops existing user interface and functionality.

The automotive industry is increasingly fraught with uncertainty. Changes in consumer demand and pace of growth in unit sales translates for many workshops and dealerships as an increased need for operational efficiency, after sales and customer service.
DAS Expert has been designed by industry experts in close collaboration with dealerships to ensure the solution effectively solves these problems.
So much more than a simple service kiosk, DAS Expert pairs smart key drop-off and pick-up automats with separate, completely customisable user interfaces, both for the car service customer and for the dealership or workshop.
This next generation solution effectively increases operational efficiency, enables offering the car service customer uniquely targeted after sales, and improves customer satisfaction.
DAS Expert eliminates the need to queue for customer service, enables extending opening hours and guides the car service customer using their own smartphone – whenever, wherever. The car service professionals’ user interface integrates into the dealership’s or workshop’s own systems, and is completely customisable as well as localisable.
Content management is fully in the hands of the client, enabling them to, for example, run marketing campaigns, offer targeted services and send event and test dive invitations.
The ergonomically designed automats feature QR-code enabled hygienic, hands-free operations both for the service customers and the staff, and the innovative, modular design also allows for the key drop-off and pick-up capacity to be later extended if needs change.
DAS Expert is also DMS-integrated and can be connected with various payment systems.
DAS Expert. Ticks all the boxes.

For every step of a customer’s car service journey

Step 1:

After making the service booking, customer receives confirmation from the workshop, checks in for the service and pre-approves the service work order

Step 2:

Based on the service pre-approval and the customer’s choices, a QR code is formed and sent to the customer

Step 3:

Customer arrives to drop off the vehicle, and scans the QR code at the automat, locker door opens and customer places vehicle keys in the locker and closes the door

Step 4:

Customer interface is accessible before, during and after the service to enable informing, communicating and targeted aftersales

Step 5:

Customer receives notification and another QR code when the vehicle is ready for pick up. Customer pays for the service, arrives to pick up the vehicle, scans the QR code at the automat and picks up the keys from the locker